BEHIND THE SCENE & HIGHLIGHTS: Bay Area Fashion Week 2013 Santana Row

Roger Francisco chose the right day and models for this event, Bay Area Fashion Week 2013 at Santana Row was a success. See our behind the scene and highlight coverage below..

Producer: Roger Francisco

Designers: Julie Tanner, Mei Weing, Peter Cassara

Models: Athenna Michaela, Jordyn ball, Tre Williams, Yesi Lechuga, Erika D. Cuevas, Kimberlea Buczeke

Make-up Artists: Dolce Vita

Video & Editing: Valnie Huynh & Khuong Truong (KT)

Studio: Alum Rock Studio

behind the scene and event highlights - Bay Area Fashion Week 2013 from khuong truong on Vimeo.