Car Wash for the Blind 2012

Giving hopes to the blind and poor people concentrated in a small village near Nha Trang, Vietnam, Nhung Pham led a car wash fund raising event in 2012 and here are the pictures. Thanks for many generous friends and supporters, we received $1,272.00 from the Car Wash and combined with her savings, donated a total of $2,200 in donation to the whole village

We went to Vietnam and with the help with another important charity organizer from Saigon, we packed a bus full of books and school supplies, and head to the village to deliver all the goods and see for ourselves

It took almost 10 hours, 272 miles later, we arrived at 8:45AM, the village have been waiting for us since the early morning, some came as early as 4AM to ensure they don't come home empty handed to their family

Our actions did not turn their life around, but it brought a big smile to these faces, and gave them hope, that there are people who care about them. Maybe one day some doctor can save their eyes, but until then, we can only imagine what they see, when they think of us; but it doesn't matter, because they already felt it in their heart. I encourage you to join Nhung in her effort to continue to help these poor people in her next event this year.

Event created and maintained by: (Nikki) Nhung Pham

Photography: Valnie Huynh and Khuong Truong

Sponsored by: Alum Rock Studio and KT Electronics

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